Take any day to stroll around the campus grounds, you’re bound to find certain students carrying their guitar in hand. During the weekends, it is common for groups to join together in a certain room and start playing together and bond through music. Guitar, and instrument culture in general, is quite prominent on campus. Perhaps the most apparent example of any musical culture is the occasional tickling of the ivories in the Dining Center, sometimes accompanied with vocals. Other options for music include an open mic station/stage in the DC as well as rentable music rooms in the residential areas, and activities such as performances by the choir are offered. But as far as intimacy goes, nothing seems to be quite as effective as the good old fashioned jam session with a couple of guitars.

A couple of the freshmen on campus chimed in on what it was like to go to school for the first time and experience the musical culture. “[Students] get used to playing [guitars] so much that it’s kind of weird not having it around. So I think why not just bring it?” Esteban Perez commented, “I think it’s possible that they songs they learn [and ] how they play can show a little of themselves.”

Music has always been known to bring people together and many have commented that the attraction is not just skin deep, that there are vital connections made about personality and taste. “I kind of expected a lot of people to bring their instruments…” Alexis Leos added, “You can tell about what type of music the person plays {reflects} what their personality type is.” He and others have also commented that they would gradually find out that a few people on their floor had brought their instruments with them, and have them join to also play. Other instruments that have been brought up include keyboards, flutes, and saxophones, all of which bring out a more artistic side to their owners.

The instruments also have had use in the academic world in addition to being played for fun. Anthony Zaragoza recounted a time where he and his classmate wrote a song for a class assignment and performed in front of the class. He recalled, “We did like a psychedelic type of Pink Floyd-like song. We picked up the guitars and then we started hitting them with metal.” He would later say that a bond was made from getting to know people from their instruments and other musical talents.

So next time you might decide to cruise through the halls of a residential area, keep a keen ear out for any guitar strummings that might take place; a student jam session might be taking place.  


Picture Credits: Leonel Orozco


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