As times continue to change and the minds of people in the entertainment industry begin to move in a more open direction, we find ourselves being mesmerized by more diverse characters. We’ve been impressed by films like Moonlight that delve into the areas of black male sexuality. Similarly, there was also a big fuss made about the most recent live adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast which featured the franchise’s first gay character. Recently, the biggest uproar has been about the Yellow Ranger, Trini, in the new Power Ranger movie who is said to be struggling with her sexuality.

You don’t have to see the movie to know that critics and fans are overjoyed at this decision. It makes people proud to see barriers coming down, especially in a film that stems from a franchise that was originally targeted at young males. Praise for the Yellow Ranger has been posted on several social media sites and this article is not the first one to be impressed by her sexual identity.

The specific part of the movie where her sexuality comes into question is when a character asks her about “boyfriend problems” only to realize that she is actually dealing with “girlfriend problems”. Seeing characters that are a part of the LGBTQ community has the ability to inspire young kids to be their true selves. They can find a role model in Trini and it doesn’t matter that she is unsure of who she loves because she can still be a butt-kicking power ranger.

Even still, the moment for the character was small. She doesn’t say much other than her lack of deep thinking about her identity. The moment is left there, hanging, begging to be noticed. And in the case of Le Fou from Beauty and the Beast, his sexual orientation is more implied than it is explicitly stated. Putting the idea that there are more than just one identity out there is nice, but it shouldn’t be something that just gets an honorable mention. Filmmakers should not be scared to make these minority identities known. The fight to widen the window of diversity should be seen a lot more in the media so that one day it is no longer a surprise that a movie contains a LGBTQ character.


Picture Credits: Power Rangers & Geek Tyrant


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