Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Major: Human Biology

Class Standing: 3rd year

The Prodigy:  Hi Teresa, tell us a little about yourself?

Teresa: So I’m a Human Bio major from Elk Grove, California. I’m currently a 3rd year and will be graduating next year. I plan to continue living Central Valley. I learned a lot of advocacy skills through my previous work here and I want to implement them back home and use these skill sets to further other organizations. My goal is to go to medical school and serve as a doctor in the Central Valley.

P:  So tell me, how did you end up in Merced?

Teresa: Merced was a good fit for me, I liked the intimacy of classrooms and that it is close to home.

P: It’s been a long journey to your External Vice Presidency, How did you get involved in student government?

Teresa: In high school I was involved in multiple leadership positions including student government; I was a part of ASB at my high school.  When I got to Merced, I knew that I wanted to do more leadership. So I became resident assistant. I was senator second year, I decided to focus on making sure the budget was used at the fullest extent; I wrote many bills as senator and joined the external office. This year I became chief of staff which came with more responsibility; I helped organize many conferences including the students of color conference and I sat on the steering committee for students lobby conference. I really enjoyed the work that was done in the external office and wanted to further it, which is why I decided to run for External Vice President this year.  

P: What is the first thing that you plan to do when in office?

Teresa: I plan to contact as many club officials as possible to make sure that they have enough support on existing UCSA campaigns. I also plan to talk to the director of the external office in order to map out the entire semester.

P: What is your long term plan for the external office?

Teresa: I want to push to create our very own UC Merced Campaign. I believe that existing campaigns will really help our students work towards doing that.





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