Only a 5 minute walking distance from Half Dome, Lake Yosemite has been known to attract families, UC students, and Merced locals. As we approached finals, visits to the Lake slowly diminished, but our love for the lake stays strong. With shady trees keeping us cool on hot summer days and the warm ambiance, Lake Yosemite is the perfect place to unwind and relax. “My favorite thing about the lake is how close it brings us to nature; it’s really relaxing,” explains Gurjit Chahal, a third year computer science and engineering major. Not only is the lake the ideal place to relax, it is also a beautiful place to sight-see. Lizeth Torres, a 1st year Political Science major expresses her favorite attraction of the lake, “My favorite part is the sunsets… I go to the lake when my clubs and organizations  have events there.”

UC Merced’s tower shown above.

The sunset isn’t the only big draw, there is a hidden lighthouse/pier only accessible by foot. The lighthouse is covered in the art and graffiti of past visitors. Although visitors are not allowed to visit the lighthouse at night, they are welcomed during the day. In order to visit the lighthouse you must walk towards the dam and past the no trespassing sign. The lighthouse is only 3 minute walking distance from the fence.

It’s okay to pass during the day.

Everyone is allowed access to the lake from dawn to sunset, and if visiting by car, are required to pay a $6.00 entrance fee during summer. Merced County highly encourages its visitors to pick up any waste found in the lake to preserve the beauty of nature.

Photo Credit: Marcus Fox


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