Midterm Review of Director of Communications, Gabriella Mihkaela De Loyola


Platform Quality: 1/1

Execution of Platform: 0/2

Accessibility of Information:0.2 /2

Overall Assessment: 1.2/5

About the Position: Director of Communications is the liaison between ASUCM and the student body. They assure that the student body knows about ASUCM and its innerworkings. The Director of Communications also sits in the executive board which is responsible for directing programs that benefit the student body. The Director of Communications has the ability to create a staff to aid them in the responsibilities of their office.  In addition, the Director of Communications is responsible for publicizing ASUCM news, events, and general proceedings to the general public as well as ensuring that all minutes and agendas are published within three business days following the meeting. The Director of Communications also has control and updates all online content within the ASUCM official web domain.

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM in the ASUCM office.

Campaign Promises: Loyola’s main focus as Director of Communications is to increase awareness about ASUCM to the general body. More specifically, she plans to interview senators and executive members about projects they are working on. She then would relay these interviews to the student body through social media and The Prodigy News at least twice a month. This would allow for students to learn more about their student government by increasing the accessibility of information to students.

Execution of Campaign Promises: Director of Communications (DoC), Loyola, has used 4 mediums to her advantage in order to reach a large demographic of students at UC Merced, including: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Although Instagram was fairly inactive during her time in office (@asucm_), she has remained incredibly active on Facebook. DoC Loyola has used the social media site to share ASUCM events, ASUCM updates, general information sent to students, events on campus, senate meeting dates, and memes. She has remained active on Facebook throughout the year in efforts to share information about ASUCM to students. Her twitter platform (@ASUCM_) has been used to share information related to campus, the ASUCM office, retweets about organizations on campus, and memes. The Director of Communications has also developed her campaign project on Youtube.

DoC Loyola initially campaigned under the platform that she would develop a project that involved interviewing executive board members and senators of ASUCM. Currently on Youtube, she has only interviewed 4 members of the executive board. She has not yet interviewed any senators regarding their projects. She has also yet to contact The Prodigy News with any information regarding ASUCM as initially promised in her campaign. One concern The Prodigy has is that DoC Loyola did not advocate strongly enough for the transparency of information related to senate or executive meeting minutes. Her position specifically requires her to ensure that all minutes and agendas are uploaded within three business days of the meeting. Unfortunately, this was not the case as senate meeting minutes between Nov. 1st, 2017-March 21st, 2018 were not uploaded until after 03/22/2018. Although the Director of Communications did not share public senate meetings with the public and met only 1/3 of her platform promises, she remained extremely active on social media to increase awareness of ASUCM to the student body.

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Photo Credit: ASUCM


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