Midterm Review of Director of Student Advocacy, Frankie Ortiz


About the Position: The Director of Student Advocacy has various roles that are created to serve students, including: educating students on their rights, promoting the various resources available to students, serving as a representative in the Student Advocacy Committee, and organizing/executing ASUCM events related to community service outreach and cultural arts programs.

Office Hours: Wednesdays 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM in the ASUCM Office.

Campaign Promises: The Director of Student Advocacy (DoSA), Frankie Ortiz, is a newly appointed Executive Member, as of Spring 2018, with a goal set in mind to advocate for students experiencing food insecurity. Ortiz aims to achieve this goal by increasing awareness to students about the various resources on campus available to them. DoSA Ortiz, is also partnering with Basic Needs Security to achieve this goal as well as reducing student hunger by using social media as a platform to individually outreach to students. Ortiz has also been known to volunteer at the Food Pantry distribution.

The Director of Student Advocacy has surely demonstrated their commitment to promote the well being of students across the UC Merced campus, even during the limited time in office.

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Photo Credit: Director of Students Activity Facebook Page


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