Midterm Review of Internal Vice-President Ben Juarez


Platform Quality: 1/1

Execution of Platform: 0.75/2

Accessibility of Information: 0.5/2

Overall Assessment: 2.25/5

About the Position: All executive officers are responsible for formulating and directing programs as established in the annual operating budget.  All executive officers also have the authority to appoint a staff to assist in the carrying out of the duties and responsibilities of the office held.  The Internal Vice President is responsible for the implementation of actions directed by the senate, and also has the ability to serve as President in the event of a President’s absence or removal.

Office Hours: Mondays: 11:50 AM – 1:15 PM, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM and Wednesdays: 11:50 AM to 1:15 PM in the ASUCM Office.

Campaign Promises: During his campaign trail, IVP Benjamin Juarez specifically mentioned not wanting to make promises he could not keep.  He had planned to focus on three areas within the Internal Vice President position: fostering a collaborative Senate table, equipping Senators with the know-how to effectively reach out to students and administration, and aiding Senators with their projects.

Execution of Campaign Promises:

Fostering a collaborative Senate Table:

IVP Benjamin Juarez delegated the senate meetings, making sure they ran smoothly and effectively.

Equipping Senators with the know-how to effectively reach out to students and administration:

This is not readily apparent in any of ASUCM’s documents published before March 20th.  Teaching senators these skills would most likely be done in a verbal setting and is not easily documented.

Aiding Senators with their projects:

The senators’ projects have not been documented, therefore it is impossible to determine if IVP Benjamin Juarez has been assisting them.

IVP Benjamin Juarez has frequently met with The Prodigy News in order to support our development and growth. He has included us in the process of updating the Service Bylaws, which govern how The Prodigy News should operate, and has worked with us to bring streaming services to ASUCM meetings; both of these projects are still a work in progress. Juarez also has advocated for The Prodigy News to members of ASUCM, so that Associated Students may support us in our effort to better serve the student body.

Note: The lack of transparency within ASUCM as a whole has made it difficult to find any documentation demonstrating the execution of IVP Benjamin Juarez’s campaign promises.  Furthermore, many of his promises would not typically show up in meeting minutes for instance, making sure Senators can effectively reach out to students and administration.


Photo Credit: ASUCM


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