Midterm Review of Senator Robert Collins


About the Position: The Legislative Branch  of ASUCM is made up of the following committees: Budget and Finance, Academic Affairs, Student Activities, and Student Advocacy. Senators within the branch have the power to create legislation for student government, and to regulate the budgets proposed by organizations on campus. They also have the power to approve requests to Associated Students made by UC Merced administration and promote the general welfare of the UC Merced student body.

Office Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:00PM – 3:00PM in the ASUCM Office.

Campaign Promises: Robert Collins believes that students’ physical and mental health is important, he aspires to combat the issue of student wellness by collaborating with organizations on campus such as HEROES and/or CAPS that prioritize the health of students here at UC Merced. With the focus of students’ physical and mental wellness, his goal is to create more relaxation and sleeping rooms as well as more recreational areas around campus as a tool for students to alleviate stress that couples with being a student.


Photo Credit: ASUCM



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