Midterm Review of Senator Stacey Ascencio


Platform Quality:1/1

Execution of Platform: 1/2

Accessibility of Information: 0/2

Overall Assessment: 2/5

About the Position: The Legislative Branch is made up of the following committees: Budget and Finance, Academic Affairs, Student Activities, and Student Advocacy. Senators have the power to create legislation for student government and regulate the budgets presented by organizations on campus. They also have the ability to approve requests to Associated Students made by UC Merced administration and promote the general welfare of the UC Merced student body. 

Office Hours: Office hours cannot be stated due to the conflicting location of published hours on the ASUCM website

Campaign Promises: During her campaign trail, Senator Stacey Ascencio wanted to help the student academic performance by improving the student academic experience at UC Merced. Her goal was to provide services such as implementing a twenty-four hour library, offering noise cancelling headphones for students, and the addition of more buses to CatTracks. 

Execution of Campaign Promises:  Senator Ascencio has been working towards her goal according to newly elected Senator Braun’s bio accessible, here.  Although there is no transcription that was uploaded before 03/20/18 we are able to observe some effort towards her goal. Her platform has empowered students to become a part of ASUCM.

Note: Senator Ascencio’s Senator page misspelled her first and last name. The Prodigy fears other official ASUCM documents may have misspelled her first and last name as well, making it more difficult to track her achievements over the year.

For more information about The Prodigy’s Midterm Reviews of ASUCM visit our article, here.


Photo Credit: ASUCM


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