On October 7, 2016 the newest sorority on campus, Phi Mu, had its first philanthropy event. As a part of the socially based Greek establishments, each organization has a cause they work to donate to which is called their philanthropy. For Phi Mu, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital (CMNH) is their cause and they hosted a softball tournament in UC Merced’s famous Bowl.

img_0263Separated between two fields, several of the fraternities and sororities on campus formed teams to participate in the tournament. The sororities played against one another on one field while the fraternities battled it out on the other. Screams of encouragement could be heard throughout the Bowl as the Phi Mu’s coached, refereed, and watched each of the games. Mason Cain, a member of Kappa Sigma was a player for his organization’s team. He said, “It was awesome to say the least! Always a blast going out there, playing ball, representing the fraternity, while doing it all for a good cause. Hoping to see many more events like this and want to make it an annual thing from here on out.” img_0264In the end, it was Delta Gamma and Sigma Chi who won the trophies that were donated to the event by local businesses here in Merced. And while all the excitement of the games was going on in the middle of the Bowl, the organization had a table set up where people could come and make cards for the children at the different hospitals under CMNH.

To raise the money, teams were made up of seven people and cost $35 to register. The ladies even sold t-shirts for $13-$15 before and during the event to get everyone in the mood for their event. They were tabling out on Scholars Lane about every day the week prior to the event, selling t-shirts and making cards for the kids. And between the registration fee, the t-shirt sales, and the concession stand they set up during the event, the women raised about $1000 for CMNH.

img_0280Phi Mu worked very hard to have their first philanthropy event go off with a bang. They debuted their newest letters and cushioned a handmade photo backdrop between them, allowing everyone who came to photograph the memories they were bound to make. The ladies even created a few snapchat filters to add a bit more flare to their tournament. Phi Mu member Madison Bates, a fourth year at UC Merced stated, “I think the event was a huge success. It was great to see our campus community and help create miracles for CMNH. So many people bought our philanthropy shirts and made donations. It was incredible to be a part of.”

With the turn-out they received for their very first event, we can only hope to see big things come from our Phi Mu’s!


Photo Credit: Jocelyn Foster


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