Music is a part of our daily lives, it surrounds us whether we want it to or not. When you go to a restaurant, there is music. When you go to a department store there is music. When you go to the market, there is music.

It has become a social norm to have music playing as we go about completing our daily tasks.. This specific scenario of having music in the background is known properly as Muzaking.

There is a company known as the Muzak Corporation which creates what many dub “elevator music” or “background music.” This type of music is created by taking a popular song and ,in essence, stripping off its personality by removing the lyrics and lyricist while replacing them with a different instrumental sound.

Since music has become so prominent in our daily lives, it is easy to ignore the music altogether. To gather a few different perspectives on music, three individuals from UC Merced have been interviewed.

The first to be interviewed is Michael Sween, a Mechanical Engineering Major, and whose genre preference is Classic Rock.

Favorite Song: Ask the Lonely-Journey

Favorite Band: Journey


Why: Balanced music based on the beat, vocals, and rhythm

How does music make you feel: Happy

Why do you think music is important: Music is important for the reason that all art is important…for it is a unique medium.


Next, Yaqeline Castro, currently a Chemistry Major, prefers both Alternative Christian and Alternative music with no particular favorite song.

Favorite Band: Paramore


How does music make you feel: Could be a performance, so I would feel adrenaline or if I’m listening to music and doing homework then I’d feel frustrated, but if I’m just listening, then happy.

Why do you think music is important: I think it’s important because it’s a form of art and it causes people to strive academically or in anything really.


Lastly, Dante Petrucelli, Mechanical Engineering Major, has a preference towards Rap and Hip Hop.

Favorite Song: Swimming Pools (Drank)- Kendrick Lamar

Favorite Artist: Kendrick Lamar


Why: His music has real meaning and is not “club music,” it is more than superficial.

How does music make you feel: Helps focus, gives energy (Hype)

Why do you think music is important: It helps convey a message to people who normally wouldn’t hear it. People will actually listen because they have more reason to.

A common reaction/realization upon completing these interviews was the fact that music had not been given very much thought regarding its importance. Music is in fact very important because it is a form of art that allows someone to convey a message in an universal way so that many people would want to hear it. It is so easy to just hear music and not actually listen, just as Muzak was intended to be. However, music was made to be listened to. Are you really listening?


Picture Credits: The Tanner Times, Fandom, Youtube, & XXL


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