Imagine a Friday night and you want to hang out with your friends, it is a sleepover/hangout night. Suddenly you all get in the mood to watch a movie of some sort. Some students are superstitious about using Ad-Blocker to stream movies, and others may be saving up their budget and cannot afford Netflix’s monthly rate. Worry not,UC Merced has your back!

Brought by the Housing and Residence life, UC Merced offers a streaming service free for all students, both on and off campus, in or out of Merced. By going to there is a small array of movies, with just enough flavor to keep a night of movies interesting.

Genres include horror, action, romance, comedy, drama, and a few others. The library may not be as big as other streaming sites, but offers plenty of movies to catch up on. Movies can be as recent as Central Intelligence (Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart) and Daddy’s Home (Will Ferrell and Mark Walhberg), a few years old like Easy A (Emma Stone) and Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), and movie series like the Bourne franchise (Matt Damon), The Harry Potter series, and The Lord of the Rings franchise. UC Movies also offers to stream TV series as well, however limited to about a season’s worth of episodes for shows like Flash and Pretty Little Liars.

Although it may not be Netflix, it is the school’s way of showing they do care about entertaining the students.


Picture Credits: YouTube


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