Goodbye Gangnam Style…he has done it again, and the internet has gone PSY-cho for PSY’s new songs.

Popular K-pop artist PSY has returned to the music scene with two new music videos, both of which have received a dozen million views within the first few hours of release.

PSY is known for his summer hit “Gangnam Style” a few years back, bringing with him a fun new popular dance. The trend continued with “Gentleman” and last year’s “Daddy,” and now with the new songs “I Luv It” and “New Face.”

Both songs stay true to the K-pop format, a catchy dance hook with some amazing dance moves. PSY adds to this formula by having fun with it, and not taking it too seriously, while still working hard on the dance floor.

“New Face” takes us on a journey through hotels, casinos, and poolsides following a loose story between the various faces of PSY and a mysterious lady. The dance itself is something akin to Gangnam Style but with a few twists and additions to the motions, a lot of dabbing, and a lot of silliness. The song is unique with its use of bounce in the saxophone, which carries prominence throughout the song.

Check out the video here:

“I Luv It” takes on a creative and clever route to music videos. The cutting is extraordinary, where the dance continues as the scene changes. The intro looks like big fun and big laughs, soon transitioning to a walking bassline that would make Meghan Trainor jealous. Alongside himself and some backup dancers, PSY includes a gracious cameo in the video that would be the music equivalent of Stan Lee making his cameos in the Marvel movies. I don’t even know how to describe the dance, it’s just plain fun to see and try.

Check out the video here:

See the behind the scenes video here:

Currently these two songs are trending on youtube, with rising views. Without a doubt PSY timed these song perfectly to be the songs of the summer!

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Picture Credit: AXS


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