Breaking hearts since his breakout album Plus in 2011, Ed Sheeran just released his newest album titled Divide. On this album, we get the familiar pop tunes filled with love or heartbreak, but we also get the raw and personal songs that Sheeran is more known for.

Divide has to be the artist’s most personal album yet. It is no secret that he writes his songs and is talented and bold enough to perform them with only his voice and a guitar, but Divide is on much deeper level than Multiply or Plus.

“Eraser” starts us off with Ed working through his struggles the way only he can: with a bottle of alcohol and a song, while “Save Myself” finishes with a similar message, but much slower and more reflective than as if he is preparing for a fight. He inspires us to power through and never let obstacles stop us from achieving what we want but he also reminds us to put ourselves first. “Castle on the Hill” makes listeners think about every meaningful friendship they’ve ever had. He tells the story of the group of friends he had growing up and what the memories they made mean to him. “What Do I Know?” is farther down the album but is one of the only other track that is not explicitly about love or a sexual relationship with a woman.

“Shape of You” was one of the singles released a while before the album and is the song that has been destroying records left and right. The beat is one that your feet can’t help but move to and the lyrics make you want to grab the person next to you so you can dance together. The songs “Bibia Be Ye Ye” and “Barcelona” have the same effect with their upbeat nature and the happy feeling they bring out.

But in the familiar Ed Sheeran fashion, there are a few strings that do a lot more than tug at our heartstrings. In “Dive” he makes us think long and hard about the people we decide to trust our hearts to. “Happier” encourages us to let go of the relationships we yearn to have back while “Perfect” and “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” remind us how amazing being loved by another person can make us feel. “How Would You Feel (Paean)” also speaks to our soul by talking about the small moments in a love affair that allows a person to dig their way deeper into our hearts.

“Supermarket Flowers” and “Nancy Mulligan” are the most personal songs on the album. Ed moves past the affairs of his heart and talks about the love his family has endured with his mom’s perspective of losing his grandmother and the story of how his parents fell in love.

Divide has jumped to the top of almost every chart out there, becoming the #1 selling album in just a week. It also doesn’t help that the artist is also humble, kind, and relatable in the way that all he wants in the world is a pint of beer and his guitar. It has been a great time wandering in the world of Ed Sheeran and now all we can do is wait for the next album.


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