The holidays are all about tradition and gathering with loved ones, but sometimes it is good to steer from tradition to create new ones. Besides, there is nothing better than trying something new on a holiday in which all thoughts are to revolve around what you are most thankful for. Why not be thankful for new ideas or new memories or even new additions to the family (and I am not referring to the kind that require a diaper change and a bottle)?


So to get the new traditions started, let’s consider “thanksgetting,” a fun twist on Thanksgiving where instead of giving thanks for all that you have, you say what you appreciate the most for getting something. Examples could be getting the last piece of ham or getting blessed with not sitting next to your chatty cousin Kathy.

Not your style? Well, here are five other ways to spend thanksgiving in a non-traditional manner:

  1. Cocktail party: Who doesn’t want to be extremely fancy while they stuff their face full of pumpkin pie?
  2. International themed dinner: Since America is pretty much multicultural anyway.
  3. Run!: there are dozens of Fun Runs and 5k’s on Thanksgiving, instead of sitting for hours get out and be active.
  4. Thanksgiving in pajamas: I don’t know about you, but pajamas are pretty awesome. I would stay in them for every holiday if I could.
  5. Give: There are so many individuals that spend the holiday alone or away from home. Finding a great way to give back to others through service is definitely non-traditional and heartwarming at the same time.

If none of these ideas seem unconventional enough, just try not eating dinner on thanksgiving and calling it “Thanksgiving dinner.” “Thanksgetting” has a good ring to it, I think. But, however you choose to spend the holiday, just be sure to thank your loved ones for their constant reminder that even though they are a crazy bunch sometimes, you really appreciate them.


Picture Credits: Huffington Post, Hello Menifee, & ViaMedia


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