By Alvin Vongphachanh

You might look back and remember your first days of college when you thought, “this is the time for me to explore myself and find out who I really am,” only to find out that it is tougher than you envisioned it to be. Perhaps you came to college with the belief that you will stay true to yourself and that others will respect your decision. This is your chance to hold on to that belief.
As a college student, discovering your passion and networking with others is more important than ever. UC Merced hosts over 200 Registered Clubs & Organizations (RCOs) and wants to ensure our students have easy access to information regarding club recruitment, student rights, professional development, social activities, and major events for students such as the annual Cowchella concert. CatLife is one of the major resources for new and continuing students to find these events and organizations that will make their college experience a great one. Last year, the Office of Student Life (OSL) worked with clubs and organizations to approve over 5000 events. On many weekends, as many as 15 RCOs can host events and activities.
CatLife comes with a suite of features such as:
-a calendar for events
-event posting, categorization and filtering
-outside links to RCO social media pages
-roster management
-dashboard for submitting and tracking service hours
-publishing reflections and experiences for your own reference
-storing documents
CatLife also has a companion app named Corq that features:
-a breakdown of the events on each day
-a filter for perks such as free food and free stuff
-listings of all organizations
-Themes to choose from such as Social, Arts & Music, Cultural, Service, and Learning.
iOS app
Android app
The features listed above are core features that hold CatLife together as a great resource for the enhancement of the college experience at UC Merced. Presently, the biggest challenge is having everyone participate in the platform more frequently.

Alvin Vongphachanh is a 2nd year Psychology major. He is a Senator at ASUCM and is currently working on getting more students involved with clubs and organizations on campus through funding and the use of CatLife.

You can find his information here,  email him at or find him on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Office of Student Life


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