The Prodigy is hosting a 4-day long event that provides a variety of resources open for all students. From March 20-23, the Prodigy executive board will be hosting workshops such as a photography workshop, a how to interview workshop, an editing workshop, a Lightroom/Photoshop workshop, and a news vs. opinion workshop. These workshops are especially beneficial to students who would like to work in media after college or would like to expand their skills toolbox. Below is a list of the workshop series hosted by The Prodigy that is sure to benefit all students on campus.

Photography Workshop: 03/20/2017 in COB 272 from 11:00-12:00 pm
The photography workshop, hosted by The Prodigy’s photography manager Marcus Fox, focuses on capturing beautiful pictures through a discussion on compositional elements of photography such as: focal length, rule of thirds, mergers, symmetry, depth of field and more. Students who are interested in crafting more lively pictures or have always wanted to learn rules of photography are highly encouraged to attend.

How to Interview Workshop: 3/20/2017 in COB 270 from 3:00-4:00 pm
The how to interview workshop, hosted by The Prodigy’s managing editor Sierra Williams, discusses tips for students when interviewing faculty, students, and others and the different kinds of interviews there are. This workshop is beneficial for students who are currently in The Prodigy and students who would like to learn how to interview others for media purposes.

Editing Workshop: 03/21/2017 in KL 217 from 12:30-1:30 pm
The Editing workshop, hosted by the the Prodigy’s Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Norona, discusses the ins and outs of the editing process as well as what to look for during the editing process. Students who would like to enhance their skills in editing are encouraged to attend as well as prospective editors for The Prodigy.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Workshop: 03/22/2017 in TBD
The Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop workshop hosted by Christopher Pang, will discuss how to use both Adobe programs and the benefits of its use in photography . A workshop such as this is encouraged to students who would like to learn a new skill or ask someone who is strongly familiarized with the programs questions about its uses.

News vs. Opinion Workshop: 03/23/2017 in KL 217 from 11:00-12:00 pm
The news vs. editing workshop hosted by social media manager and staff writer, Katherine Cervantes, will discuss how to create an ideal paper through the use of news and opinion as well as finding differences amongst news and opinion pieces. Current staff writers, students who are pursuing a career in journalism, or students who would like to learn about creating an ideal workshop are highly encouraged to attend.

All students who would like to join The Prodigy, are currently in The Prodigy, or want to learn a new skill are welcome to attend The Prodigy’s Annual Workshop Series. The Prodigy aims to provide resources for students to grow in their prospective passion.

Photo Credit: Rae Anne Tamayo



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