Everyone knows that Christmas is the holiday in which everyone is happy and feels a little more generous than usual for no apparent reason other than the fact that it is the birthday of Jesus. There are so many traditions that have been created for Christmas, along with so many other cultural celebrations occurring around the same time as Christmas. There are several tales about the origins of Christmas, but what does it matter? Christmas is just the absolute worst holiday.

One reason this holiday is the worst is because of all the debt that is accumulated by buying gifts, which are sometimes given to unappreciative individuals who do not remain in your life for very long. Another reason is the music that everyone loves, but also hates because there are only so many christmas songs that are played on repeat, especially at retail stores. Plus, these songs only end up being sung by another artist or remixed to “change things up” but we all know it’s the same song.


There is also this horrible phenomena of false altruism, which was briefly mentioned at the start of this article. Just because it is Christmas, everyone decides to suddenly be kind and charitable when they should really always be that way. Furthermore, there is always so much to clean up after presents have been unwrapped and food has been consumed in mass amounts, not to mention having to un-decorate everything that looks “Christmas-y.”


Ultimately, Christmas is a holiday full of unnecessary feelings and materials. So much money, time, and effort is spent on this one holiday that could be spent any other time of year or even spread throughout the year. There is no reason you couldn’t give someone a gift on any other day of the year that is not their birthday or Christmas. People should also be kind and generous on a daily basis. Why go in debt for just one day when you can not go in debt at all by balancing it all throughout the year?

Happy Holidays!


Picture Credits: Time and Date, Calvary, & Xmas, edited by Kanalya Arivalagan


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