Finals are over and the holidays are almost here, shortly followed by the season of giving and receiving. There’s nothing better than receiving the gift of the game and giving your time to friends and family. What better way to share time with international friends, than with the gift of gaming.

Surely many of us still believe in Santa Claus and that he will be handing out presents to all the good and stressed-out college students that we are (as long as we asked for for we wanted). But if you don’t believe in old Saint Nick, then believe in the Christmas/holiday deals local retailers have. Surely, they will give the gift of a holiday discount.

Why should we be excited for deals? There have been many wonderful games released throughout the year and many current games are celebrating the season as well! Many holiday themed games tend to come around this quarter and some games even hold special seasonal events, providing players with cosmetics, special quests, or just some kooky ways of spending time with friends.

Here is a list of some games spreading the holiday cheer:

  1.   Destiny

My usual gaming go-to has undergone a large update to bring players The Dawning. The event celebrates a time where Guardians honor all that humanity has built and what it will create. The updates bring back the SRL (Sparrow Racing League) for racing enthusiasts, a nice holiday theme to the Tower, and more dances. It adds more snow to the Tower with gorgeous snowflake motifs, and includes a scoring system to strikes (player flashpoints) for better rewards.


  1.   Warframe

What gets better than running around as a robo-ninja? Running around as a robo-ninja in candy cane décor. Around this time of year, Warframe releases new cosmetics for players to decorate their ship, also a home base, and new gear to run around and save the galaxy in elegant garments.

  1.   WoW

The ageless MMO is bound to bring about something Christmas themed. A fantasy age where elves, dwarves, men, orcs, and gnomes, and more creatures celebrate good times together. With the game being around 20 years old, the creators, Blizzard, already know how to cater to their holiday loving players.

  1.   Overwatch

The most hyped game of 2016, Overwatch, also by Blizzard, joins in on the holiday fun. Loot boxes have been turned into gift boxes and characters have plenty more ways for players to have bragging rights. Characters gets new skins, emotes, victory poses, and hero highlights to add to the holiday spirit. Expect to see changes in some maps as well with more snow and snowmen!

  1.   Team Fortress 2

The popular hero-shooter that inspired Overwatch has been going at this for about a decade now. Team Fortress 2, the game that doesn’t take FPS (first person shooters) seriously has some not-so-serious Christmas cosmetics on the market again. Prepare your wallets, players. There are holiday-themed hats to buy now.

  1.   Pokemon Go

The popular mobile game of 2016 that got us walking about and talking to strangers has made a comeback in the most recent update.  Not only is there a Christmas themed loading screen and a Pikachu with a Santa hat, but it also plays on the gift of life. Now players who hatch eggs have a chance of breeding baby pokemon (i.e. Pichu, Cleffa, igglypuff, etc…), so go catch some pokemons and hatch those eggs.


  1.   Pokemon Sun and Moon

What better way to spend a nice, cold winter holiday than in the warm tropics! Worry not, players from the handheld gaming genre, Pokemon also has you in mind! Come on down to the Alola region to catch some new pokemon, battle new Polynesian inspired gyms, and be the very best!

  1.   Skyrim (modded)

Skyrim has been around since 2011 and received a face-lift last October with the Remastered edition. Run through the Nordic lands, free to explore, and do as you please. For those on PC and current-gen consoles, mods are here to help and bring the fun! Want macho man Randy Savage to be fighting you? Now you can! Want Christmas lights hanging around your door in medieval times? Now you can! Check out Nexus Mods and Bethesda’s official sites to get your game in holiday spirit!

  1.   Dead Rising 4

What is a better way of spending Christmas than squandering some time shopping at a mall? Fighting a bunch of zombies that have taken it over, of course! Bringing the story to a full circle, players take over the original character, Frank West, in the original mall in Colorado during a Black Friday-esque zombie apocalypse with a new strain and new psychos. Not to worry though, the game takes the best mechanics of the previous games to sweep your way through the hordes of zombies for laughs!

These are just some games to look forward to and see what they have to offer this holiday season. Be sure to keep an eye out for them! Some are free-to-play so you can jump right in!

What games are you looking forward to? Leave a comment down below!


Picture Credits: IBM Times, Heavy, & GamesDailyNews


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