When plans for the 2020 Project were approved at the end of the summer, construction began almost immediately. Unfortunately for UC Merced, we have to say goodbye to our precious Bowl. Many large scale events have been held in that great space of land, Commencement and Cowchella are a couple of those events. Treats ‘N’ Beats 2016 is the event that culminated its journey.

An event put on by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), Treats ‘N’ Beats is a carnival that features games, rides, and a concert for all UC Merced students and faculty to enjoy. This year’s performers included Zee Will, Saba, and Dr. Fresch. Zee Will is an artist from Fresno whose aim is to connect the skill of poetry to the hype of performing with his music. His performance at the event was well-liked and great for an opening act. He did a great job warming up the crowd and preparing them for the rest of the night. The second performer, Saba, was very charismatic. His music had everyone bouncing and dancing while he created a steady rapport with his audience. Lastly, the headliner, Dr. Fresch did not disappoint. His mix of EDM and Hip-Hop style music was well liked by the crowd. People became so engrossed that they seemed to forget that they were surrounded by mud and allowed themselves to be swept away by the music. Dr. Fresch was so popular that at the end of his set the crowd was screaming for “one more song.”


An assortment of carnival rides made an appearance as well. These rides included a ferris wheel, a ride that rather than tea cups featured spinning hot air balloons, rocketships that flipped riders upside down, and a towering “Fun Slide.” Attendees were also given the chance to play games such as “Fat Cats” (throwing balls at cats trying to knock them over),

“Shooting Gallery”, “Roller Bowlers”, “Bushes Baskets”, and “Bust One”. After receiving a stamp from each one of these games, students were able to redeem a stamp card for a small stuffed animal.

In the food department, we were not at all disappointed. Sam’s Cafe made an appearance with the smell of Sam’s delicious pad thai wafting across the Bowl. Treats N Beats was also visited by Los Reyes, a local business in Merced that provides amazing pork tacos and stuffed churros. There was also Sugar Shack selling popcorn, cotton candy, and nachos. And to round off the sweet concoctions available that night was a truck selling funnel cakes.

Complete with Alice In Wonderland themed decorations, Treats N Beats 2016 was a great way to send off the Bowl. We will never forget the carnivals, bridge crossing ceremonies, organization events, and graduations we attended. The memories and smiles will only be added once the construction of our dining center and housing buildings are complete. All we can do now is wait to see what awaits us for Cowchella!

Photo Credit: Anjeliko San Mateo


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