From Top-Left to Top-Right and Bottom-Left to Bottom-Right: Fabian Martinez Torres, Alan Cuautle-Palafox, Tamunotubo George, Fiyin Adeleke, Bryan Cruz, Leonardo Vigil Ruiz, Ali Aboutaka, and Olif Tadewos

On December 2, 2016, UC Merced Intramural Futsal team Premier League (PL) overcame a two goal deficit to Los Cholombianos FC (LCFC) to tie the game late in the game and force extra time, eventually winning the match when MVP Bryan Cruz scored the final penalty. The victory means PL went undefeated in all seven matches they played, outscoring opponents 37-20 in the process, a goal diffential of seventeen goals. PL spent the match dressed with yellow practice jerseys, while LCFC had none.

Photo Credit: Marcus Fox


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