Ever have questions about sex but don’t know where to go or you’re too embarrassed to ask? Dr. Ross Avilla, a psychology professor and researcher here at UC Merced, has created a way to ask questions anonymously and get research-backed answers in return. His website, ucmsex.com, includes a sex Q&A with questions actual UCM students have asked about sex, relationships, and the human body. The website also features videos and an anonymous way to ask a question that can be answered on the site. Dr. Avilla shares what led him to create UCMsex:

I’ve been teaching Human Sexuality at UCM for about 5 years now and a few years ago I started an anonymous Q&A service for my students in that class. I found that it was really popular and the students had such great questions that it was really interesting for me as well. I decided to open this up to the campus as a whole.  

A lot of research has found that college students often aren’t that knowledgeable about sex and, when they turn to their friends or the internet for answers, they often get inaccurate information. I wanted to offer a way for UCM students to get scientifically valid answers to their questions. I also try my best to give information and advice that is helpful, easy to understand, and sex-positive.”

With stigma that surrounds talking about sex and sexual health, students may seek resources to get answers such as the internet. The internet, while a valid resource for all kinds of questions, may give false information or not completely answer your question. UCM Sex is a perfect way to ask questions and get a research-backed answer by one of our very own professors. Genevevie Hernandez, a UCM psychology major, shares what she thinks about UCM Sex, “I think it is helpful because it’s anonymous and there’s a lot of people who don’t want to talk about it [sex] because they think other people might think differently about them. It protects your confidentiality.” To ask an anonymous question of your own, click here.


Picture Credit: Marcus Fox


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