STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related majors have often been the place where gender disparities are most prominent. In a study conducted by the U.S Department of Commerce, as observed in Figure 1.0, only twenty-four percent of women make up the labor market in STEM related fields.

In Fall 2015, UC Merced’s women made up only thirty-three percent of students in the Bioengineering major, forty and a half percent in Applied Mathematics, and twenty-three and a half percent in an Undeclared Engineering  Major.

Not only is there a disproportionate male to female ratio between major enrollment/labor market, but a gender wage gap as observed in figure 3 that disincentives women from joining the STEM labor market.


screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-1-14-55-pmThe organization Women in STEM on campus is currently running a campaign from Nov. 14- Nov. 30th called “#UCMSTEMINIST” that encourages others to understand the value of women in STEM.  How can you help with this campaign? “Tell us in 140 characters: How can W-STEM help you on campus? Tweet, comment, post, bring out our best! #UCMSTEMINIST.” The most liked suggestion will win a W-STEM T-shirt. Make sure to post your responses in order to inform others of how women in STEM help us at UC Merced.  

To Learn more go here and here.

Photo Credit UC Merced, Women in STEM


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