Students usually go to college or university for their own reasons, whether it is to continue their education, come back to finish an education, their family told them to do so, or the one thing romanticized in film and television: the experience.

Sometimes while growing up, we overhear our parents say something about their college experience and how it was something amazing, regrettable, but also where they learned life lessons in ways they cannot share. They have stories they hold fondly, with friends whom they knew for a lifetime. Us as university students are lucky enough to make our own memories and stories to retell and relive with others, but they all start with the friends we make.

One thing many of us do, even before coming to college or university is make friends either at orientation or visit days. Sometimes those friendships hold on during the four years, sometimes new bonds are made via the dorm life, on-campus events, or even while traveling.

Life is an experience where moments are shared, intertwining with everyone else’s. A simple hello to someone may end up with them being there as your best man or maid of honor. The kindest of smiles can lead to the person you know you would spend your life with.

University and college life is filled with unpredictable moments. The best ones are meeting a friend through a mutual friend, or even finding out that one friend knows another’s and the web builds from there.


This is where beginnings happen. Most of the time when we go onto college and university, we leave our families behind to get a better education, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. That’s the beauty of going to school to take classes and living in the dorms or housing with complete strangers. They lead to making new friends and bonds that can last for a while. The people you live with, you eventually make a second home while you’re out at your second home. A home away from home, one with peers who are in the same boat as you. Ones with similar interests, goals, hopes, and dreams.

The beauty of it all is the sink or swim together, the intertwined experience of living the rest of your youth with others who are doing the same, while learning skills to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones. Every birthday, accomplishment, heartbreak, and late night talks happen out here in the college life with people who you’d never think you’d call friend back home. Some people even find the love of their lives who they would come to know as their partner for life.

It’s an eye opening experience to meet people from all walks of life. Have you made a friend that you know would be a lifelong friend? Tell us how you met them in the comments below!


Picture Credits: YouTube & UC Merced


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