Although dehydration is a serious health problem, drinking too much water can also cause problems. So in short, is drinking lots of water really good for the body? Excess water means drinking more water than the body needs. This prolonged condition will be a burden on the kidneys, dilute the sodium in the blood, electrolyte disturbances or water intoxication.

How much water is enough to drink a day?

Nutritionists always recommend drinking 2 liters of water per day. However, this amount of water depends on the living environment, status, nutrition, and nature of daily work …

Every day drinking 2 liters of water is enough

The effects of drinking lots of water

Is drinking plenty of water really good for the body? In fact, if you drink enough with the above specified amount of water, there will be effects including:
Effective weight loss
Support digestion, reduce constipation
Skin beauty
Improve brain function
Purifying and detoxifying the body
Maintain healthy kidneys

The harm of drinking excess water

After you have learned about the effects of drinking plenty of water, you must also see the benefits of drinking plenty of water. So do you know that drinking lots of water is really good for your body? Although drinking a lot of water has many benefits, it is important to provide only as much water as you need. Drinking too much water each day will bring the following harms:

Swelling of cells

According to experts, drinking excess water compared to the body’s needs will cause water intoxication. If you drink too much water in a short time, it will lead to a drop in sodium in your blood. This is called hyponatremia, which is very dangerous and could cause a high risk of death.

Lowering potassium in the blood

Drinking too much water can cause hypotension, lowering the concentration of potassium in the blood
When you have low potassium, you will have some symptoms such as numbness, nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, weakness, diarrhea.

Drinking lots of water is really not as good as you think.

Other harm

Besides the two main harms mentioned above, drinking too much water can also cause problems such as
Cramps: Due to an imbalance in body fluids, influences on muscle function, causing muscle spasms and cramps
Effect on the heart: Drinking too much water causes the blood flow to the heart to increase causing excessive stress which can lead to seizures and even cardiac arrest.
Effects on kidneys: If you drink too much water, the kidneys have to work continuously, overload for a long time, impair, decrease function and cause diseases such as kidney stones, kidney failure, kidney failure …
The correct answer to the question “Is drinking plenty of water really good for the body?” The main thing is: Not good. Listen to your body to know when to drink more water and when to stop.