Polish culture always attracts the attention of people all over the world. Because, the culture of this beautiful country converges its distinctive characteristics that are hard to confuse with any other country. If you do not know what that feature is, let us go through the following to capture.

Cuisine – typical of Polish culture

Polish Żurek food

Polish culinary culture always converges unique features. In the family meals, the dish often contains potatoes, sausages and meat. The dishes of the people here are mostly cooked in the form of grilled. A typical dish of this country must include Żurek. So don’t miss out every time you visit someone.

When living in Poland, do not be surprised that after every meal there will be a cup of tea prepared. At the same time, you need to be on time, dressed politely if you are invited to dinner. Poles really value their time, you shouldn’t let them wait so long that people will judge you not really like them.

When going to Polish people’s homes, to show their love you should bring a
small gift bag. You can choose fresh fruit or flowers. During the meal should let the host dine first and do not forget to praise the attractive food.

Featured in the Polish greeting culture

Poles are always friendly and hospitable

Greetings are a feature that has long been formed of the Polish people. When you arrive here, you can easily feel the hospitality through asking questions.

During the greeting process, Polish people will always look directly at the
opponent. They always add accompanying nouns to greet each other. Therefore, to respond politely during conversation, look directly at the other person. In addition, in the way you communicate, show honesty.

Polish people are hospitable but quite frank. If you are not polite, people will do the same to you. Therefore, you should open your heart to communicate with them, do not hesitate to ask questions about this peaceful country to please them. For sure, you will receive the love of the people here.

Featured in the Polish gifting culture

Poles often unwrap gifts as soon as they are given them

Giving gifts is also considered a cultural feature of the Polish people. In other countries, after the guests return, they should open the gifts, for the Poles the exact opposite. They will open the gift as soon as they receive it to show their gratitude to the giver. In addition, in the process of choosing gifts, you should avoid flowers with white, yellow and red colors. These colors often make the recipient feel unhappy.

Always smile when giving gifts. Do not hesitate to share with them how you
meticulously choose this gift. At the same time, let them know that you
sincerely want to give them the gift. You can choose Vietnamese homeland
specialties as gifts to the people of Poland. For sure, they will love the gift you

You can easily see outstanding features in Polish culture based on our sharing. If you have the opportunity to set foot in this peaceful land, once you come to Wólka Kosowska shopping center to get yourself genuine goods at reasonable prices. Certainly, the center will attract you when it creates a crowd that brings a variety of different products.